Sunday, 15.01.17 , written by Anja Schlicht If cell phone users encounter unknown third-party posts in their bill, they may have fallen into an illegal trap while surfing the internet. So far, the mobile operators in such situations rarely help them, rather, they refer to the third-party and still want their money. A now valid judgment of the district court Potsdam strengthens however the position of the

Drittanbieter: Gerichtsurteil stärkt Rechte von Handynutzern

When children play with tablets: third-party blocking makes sense

Some smartphone users know this: A thoughtless or accidental click on a banner on the phone , they are already in an Abofalle tapped. Often they only notice that when looking at the mobile phone bill. Who then complains to the mobile operator, is usually abgewimmelt . Most companies simply point out that customers can turn to the third party for complaints. Nevertheless, they still insist on paying for the unknowingly completed subscription.

Third party: Mobile operators are usually enough for black Peter

From the point of view of the consumer center Hamburg is the widespread procedure of the portable radio offerers to demand the payment, but not to inform customers about the reason and to refer them to the third-party suppliers, misleading. For example, the consumer advocates have sued successfully against the Potsdam district court against E-Plus (Ref .: 2 O 340/14). ” Anyone who collects the money must explain why and can not refer to a third party . E-plus and Co. can not simply pass the buck, “commented Julia Rehberg of the consumer center Hamburg the case in a press release. Since the verdict is now final, mobile customers can refer to it, if they get into dispute with their provider. As long as the company demands payment for third-party services, it remains the first point of contact for customers.

Anyone who has fallen into an abyssal should pay only the legitimate part of the bill, advise the consumer advocates. They recommend against the other invoice items to contradict, preferably by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

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Protection against expensive drops: Set up third-party blocking

In order not to get into trouble with third-party providers, every user should be advised of a third-party blocking system. For this the different consumer centers provide a pattern letter. However, it may make sense to agree with the provider only on a partial block, so that useful services such as the mobile reservation of tickets remain possible. The consumer centers also help with other sample letters, such as to stop the subscription or to reclaim amounts wrongly paid.

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